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Funding Solutions

Look to these long-term funding solutions to achieve strong, stable growth. Having access to a diverse range of funding sources sets you up for long-term success.

Securitization & Residential Mortgage Funding

Unlock balance sheet growth, manage funding costs and attain funding diversification – all at once.

Our team will help you manage your financial margins and bolster your liquidity management. With a decade of experience guiding over 35 financial institutions through more than $7 billion in securitization transactions, we're the only institution in Canada to provide full-service, end-to-end securitization programs.

NHA MBS Program (National Housing Act Mortgage Backed Securities Program)

The simplest securitization program. Receive upfront funding for your insured residential mortgages with this government-sponsored program.

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CMB Program (Canada Mortgage Bond Program)

A bit more involved than NHA MBS, but another option with potential for an even better cost of funds. Sell your NHA MBS to Canada Housing Trust to create CMB, an attractive bond for investors to purchase.

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ABCP Program (Asset-based Commercial Paper)

Our solution for uninsured mortgage funding. By selling a portion of an uninsured mortgage portfolio to a Trust that issues commercial paper to investors, you receive long-term funding.

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Commercial Real Estate Loan Syndication

A trusted partner in syndication.

Is a commercial real estate loan too big for your balance sheet? Turn to Central 1 and our large network of syndicate partners, to help you fund your deal. We're proud of the diverse, high quality commercial investment opportunities we create for our clients - totalling over $2.5B in authorized syndications to date.

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Commercial Paper

Easy access to long-term, stable funding.

For rated financial institutions, gain access to a diverse group of capital market investors by issuing Commercial Paper. You get stable, diverse funding while we manage the administration and logistics.

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