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Need liquidity, have surplus liquidity, or have risks to manage?

Our team has decades of experience guiding organizations just like yours. Let us find the financial strategy that's right for your business.

Choose a flexible and dependable investment solution that will help your organization perform.

Deposit Notes

A flexible and dependable option for deposits.

Our Deposit Notes offer competitive returns and adaptable terms – CAD, USD, floating or fixed rates for terms up to five years. There's no minimum investment amount and rates are consistent, regardless of deposit size.

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Liquidity Notes

Your peace of mind in a liquidity event.

Liquidity Notes

Liquidity Notes will be your emergency liquidity buffer when you need it most. We invest these funds into high quality liquid market securities, so that you can redeem your deposits when you need them. Liquidity Notes are available to credit unions in BC and Ontario.

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Mandatory Deposit Program

Have trouble keeping track of your monthly requirement? Use this free service and rest-assured that you remain onside at all times. This program is available in BC and Ontario.

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Securities Trading & Custodial Services

Bridge the gap between you and capital markets.

Simply buy and sell securities that we hold in custody for you and settle to your Central 1 current account. We're your connection to access capital markets.

Everything you need to invest successfully is here for you.

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Commercial Real Estate Loan Syndication

A conservative, prudent and smart solution for your commercial lending.

For more than two decades, we've brought financial institutions like yours together with those who have abundant commercial loan demand. We’re proud of the diverse, high quality commercial investment opportunities we create for our clients – totalling over $3 billion in authorized syndications to date.

Best of all, we have boots on the ground where we lend, giving us practical and strategic insights into the investments we make.

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Tight on liquidity? We’ll help you get the funds to achieve stable, efficient growth.

Cash Flow & Liquidity Solutions

Have short-term gaps in your liquidity? These solutions will help.

Funding Solutions

Need long-term funding to grow your balance sheet? Look no further.

Guarantees & Credit Support Solutions

Give your customers and their counterparties the credit comfort they need.

Have balance sheet mismatches? Don’t roll the dice with interest rate and FX fluctuations.

Interest Rate Derivatives

Avoid the risk of an interest rate hike.

It's inevitable that interest rates rise and fall. That's why offering deposits and loans of varying terms to your members can result in risk on your balance sheet. Take advantage of our full suite of interest rate derivatives, plus a great solutions-oriented team to meet your needs.

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Foreign Exchange Products

We put the power in your hands.

Customers that travel and do business internationally can leave you with significant foreign currency exposures to manage. Our easy-to-use FX Trader Platform lets you buy and sell foreign currencies against the Canadian dollar almost anytime you need it.

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