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International Transfers

International Transfers is a low cost foreign exchange solution for credit unions that enables your members to transfer money internationally through online banking, 24/7.

International Transfers is protected by AES 256-bit encryption, integrated automated identity verification and anti-money laundering procedures so you can be sure your members' money travels with advanced security. 

Available currencies:
Australian Dollar (AUD) | Euro (EUR) | US Dollar (USD) | New Zealand Dollar (NZD) | Singapore Dollar (SGD) | Swedish Krona (SEK) | Swiss Franc (CHF) | Japanese Yen (JPY) | Mexican Peso (MXN) | Norwegian Krone (NOK) | UK Sterling (GBP) | South African Rand (ZAR) | Polish Zloty (PLN) | Turkish Lira (TRY) | Indian Rupee (INR) | New Zealand Dollar (NZD) | Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) | Philippino Peso (PHP) | Hungarian Florin (HUF) | Czech Koruna (CZK)| Thailand Baht (฿) | Korean Won (₩) | United Arab Emirates (AED) | Bahrain (BHD) | Indonesia (IDR) | Malaysia (MYR) | Argentina (ARS) | Romania (RON) 

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What is International Transfers?

Our strategic partnership with AFL International Transfers gives you access to their proprietary technology that enables your members to make international transfers through online banking.

International Transfers is a proven solution that will help keep you competitive now and into the future. Watch this short video to learn how it works.

AFL International Transfers

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Your members can make international transfers at their convenience, 24/7.

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