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Since 1991People Solutions has been providing Human Resources (HR) consulting solutions to credit unions and other financial organizations across Canada.

We understand the credit unions, the legacy they are coming from and the industry disruptors that are driving change for them – our services are uniquely designed around this understanding, and we have the data and research to support the solutions we develop with them.

Our consulting solutions are tailored to organizations of all sizes and help credit unions address complex, market driven issues related to Talent Management, Compensation, Organizational Design and CEO and Board Effectiveness.

Through our strategic consultative approach, we have partnered with credit unions on over 3800 engagements across Canada. As the premier credit union HR consulting group, our primary focus is on supporting the Canadian credit union system.

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People. The Foundation of your Credit Union.

“Sought-after employees have choices and they will exercise them, especially in tight markets.”¹

Our Talent Management consulting and solutions team are experts in the credit union system and know the opportunities and challenges facing credit unions today. We are your partner in helping you optimize your talent programs to achieve organizational success.

Since 1991, our proven solutions have helped credit unions hire, grow and retain key talent within their organization. Whether you are looking for a customized solution or looking to leverage our credit union specific job posting board - we can help.

Talent Management Solutions                                    Organizational Design Solutions

           Executive Recruitment                                                                   Organizational Structure Design

           Leadership Development                                                               Organizational Structure Analysis

           Engagement Surveys

           Performance Management

           Leadership & Job Fit Assessments


Talent Management Solutions

Executive Recruitment.
Years of experience working with credit unions, a well-established executive recruitment process, and deep understanding of credit union roles and talent in the system uniquely positions us to support you in hiring senior leaders. We know the core components that lead to success in filling credit union leadership positions. We offer both customized recruiting solutions as well as Credit Union Careers, Canada’s only job posting site dedicated exclusively to Canadian Credit Unions.
Accelerate your Leadership.
Take a proactive approach with your high potential internal leaders to ensure leadership succession, continuity, and increased motivation by engaging People Solutions to develop a customized leadership development plan for developing high potential leaders towards CEO capability.  We will identify the areas of focus for the leader’s development, based on the needs of the Credit Union for the CEO role, as well as the leader’s current strengths and opportunities, highlight specific development recommendations, and outline an implementation and evaluation plan to help keep the development on track.
Engage your People.

The research is clear – engaged employees increase productivity, customer satisfaction, and reduce organizational costs.  People Solutions offers a variety of credit union specific engagement surveys to help understand and quantify staff engagement. Whether you are looking for a quick mid-year check-in or a more comprehensive survey, we offer standard and custom surveys to help you measure the pulse of your staff’s engagement level.   Compare your results against our industry benchmarks as well as your own trends, and use the information to increase your staff engagement.

Performance Management.

Ensuring that your organization has the right Performance Management plan that reinforces your corporate goals and culture is key to ensuring that your people are focused and have the feedback they need to continually enhance their contribution to the ongoing growth and success of your organization. People Solutions Performance Management consulting helps you develop the best performance management plan to optimize the performance of your team, and ultimately your organization.

It’s all about Fit.

Leadership and job fit assessments offer valuable insights on the behaviours and leadership style of your employees and future employees. Whether you are hiring, engaging in a team building exercise or trying to manage organizational change, our selection of individual, 360 and custom assessment tools are key to helping understand the existing people within your organization and identifying if new people joining the organization are the right fit for your organization or team culture.


Organizational Design Solutions

Designing for Success.

People Solutions organizational design and review services help credit unions define and design their optimal organizational structure.  Our experienced consultants work with CEOs, HR, Senior Executives and Board Members to build a deep understanding of your organizational needs, assess gaps in the current structure, and identify options for optimal structure unique to your goals and culture.

Know where you stand.
Not sure if you need a full organizational design project?  An organizational structure assessment provides you an in-depth analysis of your current structure’s effectiveness, identifying strengths and gaps for consideration
 Download our Organizational Design Specification Sheet


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 ¹ https://www.aesc.org/insights/magazine/article/pressing-business-issues-c-suite-leaders-2018

Stay Competitive. Be Compliant.

People Solutions is a leader when it comes to helping build and define compensation strategies within the credit union space.

Since 1991, our solutions have provided credit unions with visibility into how their compensation strategies align with their regional and national peers. Whether you are looking for a national report or a individualized customized analysis - we can help.

“A compensation system is one of the most powerful tools available to an employer for shaping employee behaviour and influencing company performance, yet many organizations waste this potential, viewing compensation as simply a cost to be minimized.¹" 


CEO/Executive Compensation Reviews.

Leveraging data from our Canadian Credit Union Executive Compensation Survey as well as industry trends and best practices, People Solutions is uniquely positioned to help credit unions ensure that their executive compensation strategies drive business success through custom reviews.

Your executive incentive/variable pay programs should be a reflection of your organizational and performance goals. People Solutions can help develop incentive programs to reflect these goals and drive organizational results.

One Size Does Not Fit All.

We understand that each credit union is unique and is a reflection of specific economic, geographic, cultural and social influences. People Solutions provides custom compensation surveys, analysis and recommendations to help you attract and retain top employees, manage costs, mitigate risks, implement pay for performance or any other challenging issue you may be facing.

People Solutions is also experienced in post-amalgamation support to harmonize your total rewards programs.

Whether you are facing challenges attracting or retaining staff in a particular role or your organization has outgrown its historic compensation program, or anything in between, we are standing by to support your credit union’s strategic compensation planning needs.


Build Data Driven Compensation Strategies.

People Solutions is the only organization that offers the annual Canadian Credit Union Compensation Survey, collecting and reporting data for over 70 financial industry benchmark positions spanning all organizational levels from the CEO to front-line staff. This national credit union focused benchmark report provides insights into compensation by province, competitive positioning by asset size, executive benefits and perquisites information and much more!

Job Evaluation and Pay Equity Compliance.

We understand that it’s not always easy to keep up with the latest best practices and legislation.  People Solutions is here to help you ensure your compensation structures are equitable and compliant. Our easy to use PositionFocusTM job evaluation tool is designed by and for credit unions. Through our job evaluation approach, we aim to align internal role relativity with comparable market references and implement salary structure to support credit unions current and long-term vision.


More Than Just A Paycheque.

The overall value offered by credit unions to their employees is reflected in your organization’s compensation philosophy. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked or taken for granted. Our experienced compensation consultants will work with your HR team to create customized Total Rewards Statements for your employees. Let us help you communicate the value of compensation.

Helping employees understand the value of their total compensation package is key to helping credit unions differentiate themselves and stay competitive.


Downloand our Compensation Solutions specification sheet


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Board and CEO Solutions. Leadership Matters.

People Solutions has extensive experience working with boards and CEOs to help them optimize their individual and combined effectiveness as well as enhance their working partnership to create a powerful leadership team for credit unions. 

Our CEO and board effectiveness solutions include research, reporting and training on board governance and remuneration practices, board evaluation, and CEO life-cycle support such as transition and succession planning, recruitment, performance solutions and compensation review and design.

With over 25 years of experience supporting boards, our solution is unique to the credit union industry and is only available from Central 1’s People Solutions Consulting group. 

     Board and Governance Solutions                                       CEO Solutions

         Board & Director Compensation Strategies                              CEO Succession Planning & Transition

                           Board Evaluations                                                               CEO/GM Recruitment

                                                                                                                     CEO/Board Relationship

                                                                                                          CEO Compensation Design & Market Review


Board and Governance Solutions.

Build Data Driven Board and Director Compensation Strategies.

Central 1’s People Solutions is the only organization that offers the Canadian Credit Union Board Governance and Directors Remuneration Survey. This bi-annual survey provides the most detailed and comprehensive information on Directors’ remuneration and board governance for our sector. In addition to reporting on a variety of compensation components, it’s a valuable resource that identifies boards’ strategic priorities, governance practices and composition.

Whether you are looking to develop your own policies or for customized data on specific aspects of compensation, we can help you with custom market reporting and data analysis to drive business results.

Contact us to purchase the 2017 survey report now and plan to participate in 2019!

Board Evaluations

Ensuring that your board is representing your credit union’s members to the best of their abilities is key to member satisfaction and credit union growth. Our confidential board evaluation solutions provide credit unions with the ability to assess, communicate and identify areas of strengths and growth for the board to pursue and build on.

CEO Solutions.

CEO Succession Planning and Transition.

Selecting a successor to replace a credit union’s CEO is one of the board’s most important responsibilities and one of the ways in which it most directly influences the credit union’s future.

When a board is preparing for a CEO change we encourage them to prepare well ahead – in our experience the process of planning and recruitment can take between 6-18 months.  Through education sessions and working meetings, we facilitate collective board exploration of potential opportunities and challenges anticipated with a CEO transition.  We build common understanding of the key corporate governance responsibilities, processes and practical considerations involved in executing an effective leadership transition, and initiate thinking about the current and future leadership needs of the credit union.

Having an approved CEO Succession Plan is important even when CEO transition is not anticipated – unplanned CEO vacancies can create risk and uncertainty for the credit union.  With our experience and best-practice knowledge from designing succession plans for credit unions of varying sizes and strategies, our People Solutions consultants can help take the complexity out of this process.


CEO/GM Recruitment

Our proven CEO recruitment methodology provides you with the tools, support and reach to find the best CEO for your credit union.  Our consultants facilitate your board process, helping to attract and assess qualified candidates, make your selection and ensure a smooth transition.

Our approach is different than most search firms - we do not headhunt. We know the ultimate responsibility for the choice of CEO rests with the board; we help you to explore and understand your credit union’s needs and build a custom process designed to ensure a high degree of fit to your requirements for your next leader. 


Accelerating the Effectiveness of the CEO/Board Relationship

The signed offer letter for your new CEO is only the start. Onboarding a new CEO offers a unique opportunity for the board to reset aspects of their CEO management approach that the credit union may have outgrown. People Solutions will work with your board to explore the new working partnership and to ensure that the board is prepared to successfully manage a new CEO, with different strengths and development needs.

Our consultants facilitate Board and CEO conversations to develop a custom plan to identify and focus on the needs for success in year one. This may include updating the CEO performance management process, developing an initial CEO performance plan, updating the Board development plan and/or reviewing the CEO incentive program for risk and alignment with best practices.


CEO Performance Assessment. Data Driven Insights.

Our CEO Assessment tools help credit unions and boards assess areas of strength, weakness and potential growth. The goal is to provide a data driven assessment that enables clear feedback that can be actioned for growth and continued success.

Whether it’s our standard CEO Assessment Survey - which provides quantitative and qualitative evaluation in critical CEO accountability areas and competencies - or a customized assessment, our experienced consultants will ensure you have the best solution for your needs.

An annual scorecard is an effective and objective measure of CEO and credit union performance, and often creates the link between performance outcomes and variable compensation.  Our experience designing and implementing custom scorecards, combined with our deep expertise in CEO compensation will ensure you get this link just right.


CEO Compensation Design and Market Review

With over twenty-five years’ experience working with boards to manage CEO compensation, People Solutions is the go to for credit union specific market information on executive salary and benefits practices among Canadian credit unions.

Leveraging data insights gathered through our Canadian Credit Union Compensation Survey as well as industry trends, People Solutions is uniquely positioned to help ensure that your CEO compensation is both competitive and aligned with your compensation strategies. We provide the data and education to guide your CEO compensation program design choices.

People Solutions has developed content for the CUSOURCE Director certification program (CUDA) and can deliver the accredited executive compensation management course for your board at your credit union.  


Download our CEO & Board Solutions Spec Sheet


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Meet The People Solutions Team.

Cindy Dopson

Cindy Dopson is a Consultant with the People Solutions team.  She  has over fifteen years of experience in Human Resources, and has been working closely with executive teams, CEOs and Boards of Directors on HR and business strategies for the past 10 years.  She is passionate about change, and about supporting leaders to engage employees and drive organizational results.  Prior to joining Central 1, Cindy led human resource teams in community healthcare, fundraising, and telecommunications organizations in BC.  She has held responsibility for all aspects of strategic and operational HR.  In 2013, Cindy was awarded the HR Professional of the Year award by the BC Chartered Professionals in Human Resources.  Cindy has an MBA with a specialization in human resources leadership, and a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) designation



Amy Chui

Amy Chui is a Consultant with the People Solutions team, with expertise in compensation and job evaluation.  She is a seasoned human resources professional, with over 20 years’ experience within the Financial Services, mining and retail sectors.  Prior to joining the Central 1 People Solutions team, she held various HR management roles with major Canadian banks, leading compensation program design projects across business lines on a global basis.  She holds the Certified Compensation Professional (CCP) designation. 





 Reena Paul

Reena Paul is an Associate Consultant with the People Solutions team.  Reena plays a key role in the Canadian Credit Union Compensation Survey, and in the delivery of the compensation products and services. Reena has held various human resource positions, with a focus towards total rewards and specialization in compensation.  Reena brings her direct experience of working in credit unions to her work. Reena holds both the Certified Compensation Professional (CCP) and Global Remuneration Professional (GRP) designations.





Carl Nicol

Carl Nicol is the Project Coordinator for the People Solutions team. He supports the team by providing coordination and administrative support to the delivery of strategic Human Resource projects and services. Prior to joining Central 1, Carl worked at the head office of a non-profit social housing organization, providing administrative support, data analytics and led the client satisfaction survey for two years. His formal education includes a Master of Arts in Organizational Psychology and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.








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